Ancient Youth

by Double Echo

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released June 21, 2016

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Double Echo Liverpool, UK

Dark, eighties-inspired music for synth, guitar and drum machine. Fom Liverpool, UK.

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Track Name: Rural
Beneath the surface is a stream
And it's pushing me
It's pushing me so close
Where I could see
It's in the desert and the heat
The barren heat
Where nothing ever changes
When we meet

A dying sky
Dissolves into my eyes
Track Name: Ancient Youth
Half remembering the flood lights
Struggle weak against the urge
To hurl myself from the tower
Into the waiting grave

Ancient youth preserved
Ice age come again
I don't need to learn to walk
Just to crawl away

I dreamed I'd died and gone to heaven
Nothing could be further from the truth
Spend one night in a mausoleum
And wake up with the plague

How did we let it go so wrong?
Let me count the ways...
Track Name: Entropy
The beat of the drum
The sound of the silence
You covet her
You're a mule of her violence

Appearances aren't quite what they seem
This afterworld has teeth

The scales favour disorder

Your struggling heart
Your pulse you're so spineless
You live for her
Impaled on those nihilistic words

It's all topsy-turvey
You can't reign in chaos
Track Name: Haunted Dreams
The doberman that frightened in the omen
Is tearing down the futurist this time
I have heard the terror-tales of London
The circle line, the north/south divide

Wild light, vapour eyes
My haunted dreams will always be mine
A life defined by haunted dreams
Will always be mine

Frozen in a deep hallucination
Stare into the sun and call it rain
Going under, flashing back
Bracing myself for that thunderclap
That softly turning page

I don't remember anything, only this
Track Name: Fiction
Awake to the fictions that shuttered
Or suffered the mind
And I fear only this time
It pains me to see how it's real

You were the film
And was I to observe you
When this time I believed
That we'd bleed black and white
In the silence
And the static illusions of life

Shed to the silence
Like rivers that flow in the night