La Danza

by Double Echo

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On  12"  LP  this  Autumn  -  Watch  this  space!

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2015 Gothic Music / Peter Out Records


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released April 25, 2015

Programming, synths, bass and guitars by Chris Luna
Some additional programming and bass by Ash Lerczak

Mixed by Ash Lerczak
Mastered by General MIDI

Vocals on tracks 1, 4, 6 & 8 by Ellon Souter
Vocals on tracks 2, 5 & 7 by Ash Lerczak
Vocals on track 3 by Chris Luna

Cover image by Anja Millen
Photography by Lucy McLachlan

Special thanks to: Joe McLoughlin, Zombina, Chris Farrell and Oskar Terramortis



all rights reserved


Double Echo Liverpool, UK

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▒█▄▄▄█ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄▀   ▒█▄▀▄█ ▒█░▒█ ░░▀▄▀░ ▒█▄▄▄


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Track Name: La Danza
Each step is a secret
Each step is locked away
Unsaid but not uncertain
A hundred shaking shapes
Stock still within the frenzy
Stood staring in dismay
And shrill the pangs of envy
that we can never join in with the dance

Dance step semaphoric
Dance bringing in the night
Dance calling to the water
Dance boil beneath the light
We few the rhythm tortures
Fall silent to the floor
A hundred weird walkers
On the wall participating in the dance

Three figures dance a fortress
Three faces turned away
Three voices never call us
We have no passion for the dance

Each step is a secret
Each step is locked away
To never know the language of
A hundred shaking shapes
Track Name: (I Used To Be) In Pictures
When daylight waits
Into your eyes
Kept still alone at night
There is no hide
Keep still inside
The years are cold at night

Was it a stage?
Embrace the voice you craved
For so long before
What is expected now to wait
No time for remorse
No looking backwards for the words
When I could believe you

You cannot feel
What calls to you
In photographs of truth
You fail to see
There's room to breathe
With photographs for you

Was it a stage
This illustration sad
So soon is the change
"Bring me the suit" she says
Tear another page
no looking back it's far too late
And I don't believe you
Track Name: The Sentence
She waits in aging shade
Blazoned bold
Here where there's passion's tears
And nothing more
A mirror
A pair of eyes
The attribution now has
Passed me by

There once was movement
So I am told
Breathed from the warm air
That bathes in cold
An eyesore
A profound gaze
It's understood now when
It's yours to take

I wander through daze
How could I have left you?
A hundred blue moons
Would never dissolve
Track Name: The Waiting Game
Chastised behind your own eyes
Capsized in visions of demise
Franchised from head to thighs
Baptized in frustrated sighs

And all that remains
Is a taste, is a texture
You play the waiting game
Refrain from making the first move

Chastised behind your own eyes
Your prize is poison in disguise

Cutting corners, weaving circles
Bruises fade from blue to purple
Keep pace, never triumph in the race

Dawning truths, nothing matters
Don't ask the questions that are left unanswered
Embrace voids of horror in your face

Pull the covers, dim the shutters
Eyelids flutter
Can't face what's taking place

Outside your pillow case

Fearful shadows, they seem to mutter
"You're doomed to failure, why even bother?"
Erase, becoming empty space
Track Name: Distance
A curtain in my mind begins to frail
A window opens up and what's unveiled
The motions shape the life I once admired
At distance from a moment of desire

I lost you and you know I lost you
Through the distance and the means to follow truth
Tangled, I am now tangled once again
In the distance that remains inside my head

Closer, am I closer from the fire
At distance from a moment of desire

I watched you and you know I watched you
Through the distance and the means to follow truth
Remember, I would remember what has left
Where once was emptiness now fills me with regret
Track Name: Lustless Silences
Amorous hearts are said to flutter
Gulping valves mutter
Consonants of stutter
In it's quickened rate
Adored cheeks are said to blush
Blood to head is said to rush
It's nothing but a hot flush
Our bodies disintegrate

What was once consumable
From pot to rot it made me ill
Seems oddly inconcievable

To have is to hold
And behold, the sentiment is getting old
As we twist away and fold
Our words annihilate
There is no choice to voice concern
It's nothing but a part we learn
And yearn

And still and shrill we say we will
Lips that part can't state the art
Of will
In all the rumoured ours
We pore we paw
We count the hours
In lustless silences

Can't get back to where we've been
The walls keep closing in
Can't seem to keep from drowning in
These lustless silences
Track Name: Statue
Was it a story?
"Wish it was", she said
"I wish it was a story, though", she said
Then she float into the other room
With marble statue in her hand

In water up to your eyes
Blink twice all dry again
Under a fading sun
That is failing to dawn

"It didn't happen quite like that", she said
"No, not like that", she said, "It didn't happen"

Like glimpsing blood in a mirror
And not feeling anything
Within a broken hour
That's still failing to dawn

Heart lines that you hold tight to
All will be compromised
It should be obvious
Yet it's failing to dawn
Track Name: Concrescence
Cog within cog
Actuator in waiting
A fulcrum looms
Like a sansui painting
The twisted alloys ache permanency
Resulting only in the temporary

This involute tooth
Slipped of era
It's origins antikythera

Angular answers to circular problems
Push on the shapes the voids condemn
Anaerobic dawns, metallic concretions
Inverted multi-storeys
Hung from glass ceilings

And what we can't find at all
Is a nucleus
A palpatating heart
Inside these city walls

The insectile glimmer of a thousand marching drones
Reflecting in the prisms; floodlit conditioned pawns
Glittering against the neon of a hundred computer screens
Littered from the penthouse to the subterranean
Echoes from the subway, the thunder of machine
Propels us slowly onwards, to the rhythm of our memes
Too scared to pull the threads that unravel from the seams
We stare to broken mirrors seeing pages of magazines
Words that break the silence range from trite to the obscene
Yet are the only things we have outside the gristle of our dreams